7 Days to Self Challenge

Suffering sucks. Stop doing it.

Take the 7 Days to Self Challenge.

A 7-day sequence of transformative experiences to help you discover inner-peace, love, and a joyful life.

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It's easy to forget what really matters.

You spend all your time focused on everyone else. Keeping up with work, relationships, family, and health. And when you're not doing that, you numb out with things like social media, food, tv, or worse.

Trying to forget how anxious the world feels right now.

The stress of money and work. The pain of love and relationships. And underneath it all, wondering… what is this all for? Why do I feel like this? What is my purpose?

You’ve become separated from yourself.

You think someone else has the answers, someone else is to blame. One day you’ll figure it out. One day things will be better, right?

But when will that day come?

True peace & happiness are here, now.

And I'll show you how to find it.

Take the 7 Days to Self Challenge. It's a simple and profound experience that will help you start reconnecting with yourself and the present moment right away.

Start seeing things more clearly. Begin the path to inner-peace, love, and a joyful life. Simply be happy, no matter what is going on.

Here’s how the challenge works...

  • For 7 days, you’ll get an interactive mindfulness exercise in your email.
  • Clear your mind with a quick and easy guided meditation.
  • Gain incredible insights about yourself and your life through RapidWriting, a proven technique to facilitate self-discovery.

It's that simple. $7 for 7 days to begin a more fulfilling life, today. No bs.

Take the Challenge

20 minutes of daily peace and wisdom that will change your life.

I promise.

You’ll gain insights on:

  • What is actually blocking you, right now.
  • How to create the love you crave.
  • Who you’d be as a millionaire (no joke).
  • Discover your bliss desire (what you actually want).
  • The secret of who you really are. And much more…

You could discover that one missing piece that has been holding you back all along.

Take the Challenge

If you could begin changing your life in one week, would you?

This is the challenge. Are you up for it?

You are the only one getting in the way of what you want.

You do this by ignoring the most important person in your life... yourself.

But this is where you get to make a change. To stop ignoring your needs. To feel incredible love. To finally create some peace in your life.

This is where you start. A journey back to yourself.

Take the Challenge

My name is Ricky.

I'll help you find yourself.

I’ve done the work, and I’m still doing the work.

I've learned how to unravel the pain, fear, and illusions that seemed embedded in who I was.

I'm grateful to have found, through self-discovery, that my wounds became strengths, and my desires are my mission. That I am complete and eternal.

I’ve passed through the room of demons to the other side. I’ve faced my fears. I survived a childhood of poverty and violence.

I’ve lost loved ones, grown through adversity, and found meaning and purpose through the present moment and helping others. 

I believe we are all enlightened beings, walking around in confused meatbags, barreling through space and time on a giant rock, paradoxically and miraculously alive to experience the wholeness of life.

I believe we need to serve our women and children better by healing our men. And this begins with our relationship to ourselves.

I believe it is your right to know your truth, and to create a meaningful life from that truth.


Ricky Spanish by Daniel Rosenthal

Credit: Daniel Rosenthal

Ricky Spanish by Daniel Rosenthal