The next step, after the big idea.

Coaching for Entrepreneurs who want to create a new software product.

How good is your idea, really?

Is it good enough to make money on? Is it worth risking your time, capital and relationships on? Will it actually work?

Chances are, your idea won’t work. The data shows it, and I’m sorry to say it. But I’d rather save you the time and money on the truth, rather than being a yes-man. That shit helps no one.

But if you sit there, hellbent on this idea, boiling with conviction to make a real impact for your customers, business and family, then let’s chat. 

If you choose, I will help you turn this idea into a product.

I will help you prove the idea is right for the market, and that you're the one to build it. We’ll work, one-on-one, to visualize how the product will function, what it could look like, and dig into the real creative work together.

You’ll develop business models, funding strategies, pitch decks, road maps, and everything you’ll need to get the gears moving on your new product.

This is a custom approach, made for you.

It’s not like hiring a consultant or agency to build the product. It’s too early for that. You still don’t know what it is.

This is the gap between your idea, and getting it built. Where you'll expand your ideas, design unique solutions for your customers, and ultimately limit your risk.

I am your guide to navigating the big ideas, technical details, and the business of starting up a new product.

Let’s explore what could be…

A successful new revenue stream. An incredible software product that you created. Your impact on the world. The next brick in the empire you’re building.

I only work with entrepreneurs who are brave enough to fail on a unique vision, but with the dedication to make their product a success.

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“Bringing clarity to the chaos...”

“Ricky isn’t just a creative mind, he understands the creative mind. I’ve seen first hand how his insights bring clarity to the chaos to move people, projects, and organizations forward.”

Jeff Reynolds
President, Reynolds+Myers

One-on-one innovation sprints

A guided, expert 2nd perspective who’s got your back. Here's how it works.

The clarity of thoughts and creativity flowing seamlessly and productively in a one-on-one feedback loop. It’s not an agency, it’s not your team. Just you and me.

Seek & Discover

Where are we at today? Get a complete understanding of your intention, objective, what success looks like, and the market environment. 

Create a research strategy and plan. Move fast and break stuff.

Prototype & Design

What are all possible ways to solve? Based off all we’ve learned, dive deeply into idea generation. We’ll prototype simple, unique and innovative solutions. 

We’ll design together real-time visualizations of systems, journeys and product wireframes. 

Test & Validate

How do we know? Separate imagination from reality, and validate what actually works. 

Build an experimentation plan to massively reduce risk through market experimentation and validation. 

Plan & Roadmap

What is our vision for executing? Ideas are easy. Executing is hard. Define a realistic, flexible and sellable plan for getting to market.

Factor in funding approaches, product development, hiring strategy, and what will ultimately bring your vision to reality.

Supporting Expertise

  • Graphic, UX, and Product Design
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Building a story and a pitch deck
  • Funding vs bootstrapping
  • Hiring services, agencies, and growing a team

Creative 10x.

Clients hire me to help them become more creative. To reveal the best in their thinking, and to evolve the possibilities of their products and business.

You feel it right now, as an inspiration thumping in your chest. Your insatiable desire to create. It’s uncontrollable and unpredictable. Or so you think.

After designing hundreds of brands, campaigns, products, companies and teams, I will bring out the creative fire in you. Not simply to experience, but to build a profitable business from. 

Creativity isn’t just the problem being solved, but your unique way of solving that problem. It's your mark on the world.

I’ve been working with entrepreneurs for over a decade.

I understand what it takes to get an innovative product to market. I will help you get there.

I’ve built products that make millions of dollars. I’ve raised VC, bootstrapped companies, worn all the hats, drank too much coffee, and gone back to the drawing board more times than I can count.

I will support your ambitions, advocate for your position, and guide you through the intricate process of getting a product to market.

Build your legacy.

The answers are there. The path forward is clear. You have the energy, ambition, and business know-how to make it happen. Let’s work together to eliminate blocks and reveal true potential.

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