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Join a community of non-technical entrepreneurs to discover new digital product opportunities, and begin building a business that changes the world.

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Now is the time.

To fully realize that app idea. To create a new revenue stream that could change everything.

If you’ve gotten that nudge to build an app, to innovate an industry, to change the way things are… now is the time.

Tech companies are born in economic chaos.

AirBnB, Netflix, WhatsApp… Microsoft. Just to name a few. Innovation replaces disfunction. Money is changing hands, and old ways of doing things are dying away.

How do you quickly identify new market opportunities, and innovate a product people will pay for?

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Turn your idea
into a successful product.

Innovate an incredible software product that customers will love and pay for. Build new streams of revenue.

Join Lit Lab Mastermind to get everything you need to start building a digital product:

  1. Speed up time to monetization with proven innovation techniques anyone can implement.
  2. Step-by-step guidance on developing your ideas and insights into software products people will pay for.
  3. Exclusive mastermind of entrepreneurs to cultivate more high quality ideas from broad experience.
  4. App prototype custom designed for you to rapidly test your ideas with your audience.
  5. Marketing landing page with A/B variations to test market desire and product-market-pull.
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“Ricky consistently inspires teams through product insights and creativity that pushes business & products to an entirely new level.”

Cody Miller, Serial Entrepreneur

“I’ve seen first hand how Ricky’s insights bring clarity to the chaos to move people, projects, and organizations forward.”

Jeff Reynolds, Serial Entrepreneur

Idea gen, the genius way.

This is how I've helped countless entrepreneurs build game changing products that produce millions in revenue.

Faster times to market success.

We combine design thinking methodologies with a lean startup approach in the simplest way possible to get you fast results.

No more wasted time wondering if you’re building the a product that people will buy. 

You’ll find out exactly what your users need and will pay for, before dropping a dime on design and development.

Easy, by design.

You will get professionally designed business assets, so you can move fast.

Click-through wireframe prototype to show off your idea and collect audience insight. Landing page to test market desire and start building email list.

It's like having a mastermind, business coaching, and a design agency, all at your fingertips.

Community you can depend on.

A group of innovative entrepreneurs, just like you, who will change the world through business and leadership.

We’ll work together, supporting each other through challenges, and boosting each other to greater heights. 

We'll save each other from bad ideas (is there such a thing?), and boost the good ideas.

We are stronger in numbers. Your success is the result.

The impact & revenue you’re looking for.

Build a product that changes lives and the world around you. We do this through a spirit of serving with integrity and passion.

As we lead with our hearts and minds aligned, our missions become ignited, and our chances for success become inevitable. 

This is your chance to work with other conscious entrepreneurs to create both incredible impact and revenue.

Supporting Expertise

  • Graphic, UX, and Product Design
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Building a story and a pitch deck
  • Funding vs bootstrapping
  • Hiring services, agencies, and growing a team

Create a new revenue stream that could everything.

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Success starts with stillness & clarity.

How many times have you made a terrible business decision based out of fear and stress? You weren’t thinking clearly.

Some of the greatest entrepreneurs in the world practice stillness. They know creativity is fueled by meditation, self-inquiry, and inner vision. From this stillness comes knowing. 

At LitLab, we practice conscious innovation to build the best products the world will ever see. 

Conscious innovation combines practices of mindfulness with traditional design thinking to create better products and business outcomes. 

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Get lit.

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1. Apply today.

We are a small, curated community of proven entrepreneurs. Seats are limited  to those who share common a mission.

2. Engage & elevate

Join in weekly masterminds where we learn, experiment, design, collaborate, validate, fail, solve, and ultimately grow. 

3. Build tomorrow.

Wake up in 2023 with a validated product vision and requirements document that you can start building and marketing.

Proven product expertise.

My name is Ricky. I lead LitLab.

A kid at heart, always looking to make the next cool thing. I’m driven by ideas to make the world a better (and happier) place. 

I’m deeply grateful to serve some of the world’s most incredible entrepreneurs.

Tech entrepreneur and coach. I’ve worn every hat in the startup. I’m a meditator, deep thinker, and traveler. I’ve designed more products than I can count. 

My clients make millions, and change lives doing so.

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Creativity is currency.

Build brilliance. Don’t wait. The world needs you.

From day one, you’ll be actively creating, visioning, designing, innovating, questioning, selling, validating and bringing your brilliance to life. 

Only 8 more spots left.

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