Reshape your reality. Change your words.

You’ve got a subconscious looking out for you.

It’s processing around 60,000 automatic thoughts daily to keep you out of trouble. The problem is, you’re not actually in trouble. The subconscious is a record player, looping on "don't do this," and "you can't do that," in order to keep you safe.

Thoughts like you aren’t worthy of love. Or vulnerability equals death. Or you don’t deserve success and wealth.

It seems counterintuitive, but was useful in our caveman days.

The point is, your subconscious is running the game most of the time, and it’s not saying the most productive things. It's in protection mode, not growth mode.

The most important conversation of your life is on autopilot.

But you can rewire your subconscious the way you’d like it to preform. Just like a computer, you can run an update that reduces the old, dysfunctional code, and replace with a more growth-oriented, satisfying program.

Like, "I’m the fucking man." And, "I deserve an incredible life." And, "I don’t need to prove shit to no one."

Every morning, spend a few moments verbalizing the following affirmations. As you say each statement, really work to connect with the feeling of the statement.

This is best done right after a meditation. You'r subconscious is easier to change in your heightened state of awareness.

If there are any statements you feel should change, make the tweaks as needed. It's all up to you how you want to craft your subconscious. Make it your own.

Stay consistent. Your behavior, growth, and reality will begin to change around you.

Conscious Man Affirmations

I am free.
I am in peace.
I am in love.
I am in joy.

I am man.
I am a leader. I am a teacher.
I am wise. I am understanding.
I am healed, and I am the healer.
I am the world to my Father, and the world to my girls.

I am in harmony.
I am at ease.
I am creative. I am expansive.
I am prosperous. I am wealthy.
I am grateful.

I am one with Mother Earth.
I am one with nature.
I am one with knowing.
I am one with what is.

I am alive.
I am conscious.
I am here, now.
I am the spirit in all things.
I am.

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