The Product Path for Entrepreneurs

Bring your software product ideas to reality.

Conceptualize your business ideas, visualize your product, reduce your risk through market experimentation, and prepare for development. You’ll learn how easy it is to get started with building a software product.

No more wondering if, but knowing how. 

This is the gap between your idea and getting it built.

Grow your ideas.

Develop the mindset that helps you think about your ideas and create successful software products for the long run.

preDesign the product.

Simple design exercises from a world-class product designer to help you visualize what the product could look like and how it could function.

Reduce the risk.

Prove the idea is worthy through small experiments. Avoid loosing time and money on something people don’t want. 

It’s time to start building your own software product.

This is the course. I will teach you the process I’ve developed over the last decade, working with successful entrepreneurs to build world-class products.

Unravel your idea

Get it on paper, ask the right questions, and learn how to think about product ideas.

Get clear on why

Make it personal. Mission-based products that serve real needs are the ones that make it.

(re)Meet your audience

Whether you have an audience or not, this is the time to understand the people you intend to serve.

Scan the market

Why you actually want competitors, who they are, and how to use their position to catapult yours.

Moodboard it out

Discover, snapshot and save what inspires you and could inform what your product could look like.

Chart the journey

List out your customer journey, and build a deeper understanding of their  goals and considerations along the way. 


With a clear understanding of your audience, competitors and customer journey, brainstorm product features.

Wireframe key screens

Simple sketching exercises to help visualize key screens and processes in your software product.

Define the real value

With all the insights you’ve collected along the way, define the real value propositions you serve.

Ask, revise, repeat

Take your wireframes and value props to the streets and get feedback. Learn even more, and act on it.

Validate the market

Creative experiments to test if your audience actually wants the product, and if they’re willing to pay.

Prepare for prod

Choose the right development partners, and work with them in the most effective ways possible.

“Bringing clarity to the chaos...”

“Ricky isn’t just a creative mind, he understands the creative mind. I’ve seen first hand how his insights bring clarity to the chaos to move people, projects, and organizations forward.”

Jeff Reynolds
President, Reynolds+Myers