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You aren’t happy because you keep looking outside for the answers.

Nobody else has the answers for your life.

Nobody else could know why you don’t feel good enough. Why you feel so angry, anxious, or alone.

Why can’t you make more money?

Why aren’t you doing better?

What do you actually want?

Why aren’t you in love?

What is even wrong?

Who are you?

Everything you are looking for is already within you. You just need to know where to look.

True change comes from within.

I will teach you how to source your own answers, find your inner strength, and guide your own transformation.

You’ll discover what it is to truly know yourself. To clear away the noise, and hear the wisdom within. I promise you, it’s there. 

From this place of inner strength and wisdom, you’ll…

  • Discover true happiness and joy in your life, regardless of what is happening.
  • Know what you actually want and how to achieve it.
  • Experience deep love and connection in your life.
  • Increase clarity and creativity in your work.
  • Become more resilient in times of stress.
  • Have the strength to deal with fear. 
  • Know that you are enough.
Begin Transformation

(re)Training for the mind, body & spirit.

This isn’t a reprogramming… it is a remembering.

When you know yourself, you know the answers, and what you need to do next. These secrets are accessed through the present moment, and a fearless, but patient, dedication to self-discovery. Here’s how I will guide you:

1. Quiet the mind.

You will develop a meditation practice that works for your life. 

No matter how busy you are, you’ll be able to develop a fulfilling and meaningful meditation practice that creates a deep sense of peace in your life.

2. Remember how to feel.

As men, we were taught to feel from the neck up, through the lens of logic and intellect. 

But truth lies in the heart. 

I will teach you principals of embodiment and reconnect you with the natural intelligence of the body.

3. Ask the right questions.

You will learn the art of self-inquiry. 

How to ask the right questions to reveal the deepest insights within, your right path forward, and how to design your best life possible. 

I will coach you, and teach you how to coach yourself.

4. Listen and discern.

Where are the answers coming from? Past conditioning? Collective mindset? Your sacred self? Beyond?

Truth lies within the subtle nuances of reality. 

You will learn how to follow the thread of clues deep within to reveal the most incredible insights of your entire life. 

Supporting Expertise

  • Graphic, UX, and Product Design
  • Marketing strategy and execution
  • Building a story and a pitch deck
  • Funding vs bootstrapping
  • Hiring services, agencies, and growing a team

It's time to choose yourself.

I am Ricky.

I'll help you find yourself.

I’ve done the work, and I’m still doing the work.

I've learned how to unravel the pain and dreams that seemed embedded in who I was.

I'm grateful to have found, through self-discovery, that my wounds became strengths, and my desires are my mission. That I am complete and eternal.

I’ve passed through the room of demons to the other side. I’ve faced my fears. I survived a childhood of poverty and abuse.

I’ve lost loved ones, grown through adversity, and found meaning and purpose through the present moment and helping others. 

I believe we are all enlightened beings, walking around in confused meatbags, barreling through space and time on a giant rock, paradoxically and miraculously alive to experience the wholeness of life.

I believe we need to serve our women and children better by healing our men.

I created the Self-Sourced Transformation method because, like so many men, I hate depending on other people for stuff. I don’t like thinking someone knows me better than I know myself. 

I believe it is your right to know your truth, and to create a meaningful life from that truth.

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The biggest lies you’ve been told…

  • Someone else has the answers. 
  • You can’t be angry. You must be positive.
  • You don’t deserve more.
  • Feeling is a waste of time.
  • You aren’t good enough.

These are the lies that keep you struggling. The illusion that you aren’t good enough. These hold shame and fear in your flesh. They hold you hostage and victim. 

What you believe in, becomes your reality.

This is the power of your perception. It’s the only thing you can change. And no one else can change your perception without your permission.

Stop Believing the Lies

Knowledge isn't power. It's freedom.

When you know yourself, you know the answers, you know how to heal, and you know how to grow.

It’s time to be happy.

It’s time to love.

It's time to not depend on someone else for the answers.

It’s time to do what you were meant to do.

Your life depends on it.

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