Increase your energy by doing more things you love. This journal is the guide.

The 2-Week
Energy Journal

Increase energy in 2 weeks by doing more of what you love.

Real energy. Life energy. Energy that makes you thrive, happy and productive. This 2-week journal can help you create more of it.

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Energy doesn't come from a can.

Your energy is your one true limited resource. You cannot purchase it. Someone cannot give it to you. The things you spend time on either give you energy, or take it away.

What are you spending your time on that gives you energy? What are the things that take it away?

We want more energy. To have a greater capacity in what we can achieve. To be more of who we are. And to feel ridiculously good, as much of the time as possible.

Our strategy is to do more things that give energy, and less things that take energy.

It’s that simple. Your job for the next two weeks is to 1) watch your energy throughout the day, 2) note and rate the things that happen, and 3) plan small adjustments to your day.

How do you know what gives you energy?

Energizers make you feel… good! It’s a hug from a family member, accomplishment on a project, or relaxation after a walk. It creates feeling of love, gratitude, joy, or peace.

Drainers suck. It’s a fight with a family member, procrastination on a project, or over-eating in front of the television. It creates a feeling of exhaustion, doubt, anxiety or fear.

So, do more things that make you feel good. And you’ll create more energy.

a powerful way to improve your energy.

"The 2-Week Energy Journal is a powerful way to improve your energy. I was surprised how short journal entries helped me observe, acknowledge, and address drains on my energy. It made me more aware of approaching "drainers" and gave me a "stacking" technique to smooth-out future challenges before they zap me. Now I use it once a quarter as part of my regular practice. "

Paul Vega
Owner, Greenhouse Marketing & Design