unFunk the Product

Software Product Optimization for Private Equity

Get a fresh take on the product. Discover new revenue opportunities, design for better engagement, and increase company value. Make the best use of your investment.

Maximize My Tech

Flip gracefully.

Here’s how we optimize products and features without loosing the good stuff.

1. Audit & understand.

We review at all your data, interview your team and your customers, and diagnose the problems right away. You get a report with recommendations.

2. Prototype & test.

Rapidly design multiple iterations. Test with customers and audience. Redesign until we get it right. Learn and launch, baby!

3. Launch & grow.

Watch how the new functionality actually performs in the wild. We monitor the data, reach out to customers, and verify the success of your new work.

unFunk with the pros.

Full-cycle design services that deliver results.

This ain’t our first job. We’ve worn all the hats, run startups and agencies, seen how all the pieces fit, and know how to build fast.


What the heck is this product anyways? Get the best-in-class discovery work out there.

User Research

What do your people want? We get answers through interviews, surveys, and prototype testing.

Market Validation

Do they actually want it? Answer the most fundamental question of business through validation.

Product Management

What’s the vision and how do we build it? We create planning, alignment and harmony amongst teams.

Product Design

What is the experience of the product? We design systems, experiences, and interfaces that delight.

Branding Platform

Who are we and how do we fit in? We write platforms and design logos that don’t need to be bigger.

Landing Page Design

How do we get leads? Ditch the WP templates and create a compelling page that actually converts.

Fundraising Support

How do we get OPM? Craft the story, pitch deck and presentation that wins rounds of runway.

Inspire new energy in the team.

Get a new start with the people of the company.

We help identify and correct team issues as wee see them in through the product optimization process. This happens almost automatically, as we dig through your data and interact with your team. 

Don’t worry… we don’t throw people under the bus. But we do help you identify more productive processes and ways of working. 

We also offer inspiring and bonding team workshops, and of course, executive and leadership coaching. 

Maximize my tech.

Let’s chat and see how we could support you in the best ways possible.