Inspire & serve with greatness.

Marketing innovation for Thought-Leaders.

Your message is everything. Unify that message with world-class design, strategic marketing, and innovative technology that will truly impact your audience in lasting ways. 

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Where do you grow from here?

You know your audience. You’re on top of your message. You deliver incredible service and true value to your people.

But with growth and success comes new challenges. 

How do you deepen engagement with your audience? How do you execute a concise and consistent brand and message across all your marketing channels? 

How can you serve your audience in more meaningful and engaging ways?

Marketing Innovation Services

Engage deeply, more meaningfully.

Maximize your potential to deliver your message in a unique, cohesive and meaningful way. 

  • Build an innovative app to help your audience live your message. 
  • Design a beautiful brand and website that tells your story even better. 
  • Get a grip on your marketing strategy & production.
  • Go beyond what has been done before.
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Make the impression that lasts.


Experience takes many forms. Message is at the core. The way you deliver that message should support your audience’s experience in the best way possible. 

Unique and personal software experiences can be an incredible medium for supporting your audience.


Market smarter, not harder. Understand your market more clearly, identify new ways of growing and engaging your audience, and define the details of your vision for success.

Build a cohesive strategy that brings together your most effective channels.

Production &

Learning is in the execution. We’ve got the muscle to get it done. 

Whether it’s rebuilding an entire website from scratch, preparing graphics for an event, or reviewing funnel data for new opportunities, we’re ready to support you.

  • Industry leading website design & development
  • Social media & collateral
  • Merchandise design and production
  • Data analysis


A story in a glance. Your brand is your audience’s perception of you.

Brand cohesion is a complete clarity of your message, across all channels, delivered beautifully in alignment with your mission.

Beauty is the Universe asking for your attention.

In a past life, I designed for million dollar brands.

Today, I choose to direct my gifts towards the betterment of this world. This means designing for those who intend to truly impact the world in the best way possible. 

The strength of hiring me and the LifeWork team is knowing for certain that your personal brand will be beautifully executed across all your channels. 

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