Marketing Innovation

Energize an audience in unique & inventive ways.

Launch an awesome app to generate buzz. Create helpful tools to support your audience in meaningful ways. Acquire new customers with creative lead gen. 

Upgrade Engagement

Today’s marketing is boring.

Funnels! White papers! Another 20 reels!

Seriously people. We can do better.

Typical marketing channels and tactics are oversaturated and simply don’t perform like they used to. 

Are we actually providing value in our marketing?

There’s gotta be a better way…

Start the funnel relationship off right.

Innovative your lead generation.

First impressions count. The ways you attract and serve a first-time prospect determine whether they come back or not. 

You want to stand out from the rest. So don’t do what everyone else is doing. 

Innovate your lead generation in experiences that deliver your unique value up front. And turn those prospects into customers. 

Check out 7 Days to Self, a lead gen magnet where I show how technology and mindfulness education can help people find daily happiness.

Build next level engagement.

Create a product as marketing.

Whether you want to strengthen your brand, provide more access to your business, or just do a good thing for your people… building an app for marketing enables next-level engagement. Software products like…

  • A tool that helps your customer in their journey, like calculators, planners, or visualizers.
  • An app that creates community around your message and enriches what you teach.
  • A game or experience that reinforces your brand and creates an enjoyable interaction with your audience.
  • Something thats never been done before!?!

Upgrade engagement.

Don't let your marketing be like a bad stock photo 😂
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