Is your vision big enough?

Don’t worry, this isn’t a vision-measuring contest.

All too often, I’m left wondering if we’re all leaving a bit of change on the table when it comes to what we imagine for our lives.

Your vision for this life creates the map for how you travel it. You know where you’re going, you know what you want, and when you get confused or distracted, you pick this map up again to get back on track.

Vision is a tool we use to lead a family, build a company, hit a golf ball, or create a new reality. Whatever you want in any area of your life, vision is the crucial starting point for getting it right.

Without a vision, you’re aimless. Wandering through the woods, at the mercy of others. You are prey to their influence, their visions and intentions, altruistic or otherwise.

So, what do you want? For your life, for your family, for your business?

Chances are, you have a vision.

But it’s just average.

I’ve met few entrepreneurs who don’t have a vision.

Everybody wants something. But it’s the scope, quality and steps toward the vision that are lackluster.

Over the last decade, I’ve heard some pretty milk-warm visions from entrepreneurs.

I’m left wanting them to want more.

I search for the right words to help them see just how special they are, and just how impactful they could be.

The impact you have in this world is determined by the quality and scope of your vision. Action always comes second.

With that said, here are the most common symptoms of an unimpressive vision:

  • A vision that doesn’t match who you are (and might be someone else’s)
  • A vision that requires permission to go bigger (because you’re waiting for something to happen)
  • A vision based on the fear you aren’t good enough (so you claim what you *think* you deserve)
  • A vision that doesn’t inspire others (because it’s all about you)
  • A vision only for the next couple years (because you don’t want to be wrong)
  • And the worst, a vision that ends with the acquisition of your company (mic drop)

Does your vision suffer from any of these dysfunctions?

How to go bigger.

Your vision begins with (the real) you.

Keyword, you. (did you get that?)

But so many of us have inherited the visions of others. Other entrepreneurs, people we look up to, friends, family, and especially parents. Along the way, social media and the news creep in and shape our views of the world.

Here’s the thing: you have your own unique cocktail of experiences, perspectives, and gifts. The series of moments we call life is the discovery and expression of all these things.

Your vision is what makes you… you.

And of course, you know this at some level, but you haven’t challenged it. And so you keep running your vision on autopilot. Thus, your life is someone else’s.

If you don’t know what your unique vision is, it’s probably because:

  1. You haven’t given yourself the time to understand it, because…
  2. You’ve been told by others that they know better than you, and you believed it because…
  3. You don’t feel like you deserve more than what you have.

Thus, the common root cause of a small vision is a lack of self worth. Solve this, and the future opens up with boundless creativity and possibility.

I’m lucky that I entered into enough conversations with entrepreneurs over the last decade that I could see this for myself.

“Why am I not taking on the world like this man is?” I kept asking myself. “Where’s my big vision energy?”

They aren’t better than me. They aren’t more qualified at living or working than I am. The only common factor I could find among successful entrepreneurs was the quality and scope of their vision. That’s it. They just want more. And they’re not waiting for someone else to give it to them.

My vision went from “I am designing million-dollar products,” to “I am awakening mankind through technology, heartfelt service to others, and my own ascension.”

That’s fuckin right.

And I’m taking it. And you should too. (yours, not mine)

Here’s how to broaden your vision, in 3 simple-but-difficult steps:

  1. You must claim that you belong in this world, and what you want matters. Every day. Every fuckin day. Every single time that little bitch of a critic comes up to tell you that you don’t matter. Fuck that. That’s not you. You belong in this world. What you want matters.
  2. Learn to discern. Everything. Because nobody knows your life better than you. Question every single thing that comes across your attention. Ask, “Is this mine? Do I really believe this?” “What do I really want?” Practice trusting the data that comes from your heart. It’s the most honest data you’ll get.
  3. Write your vision. Rewrite it. And again, until it feels right. Practice it daily. Notice if something doesn’t feel true, then rewrite it. This vision is the DNA of your life. You might as well spend the time to get it right. Your life matters.

What are you willing to claim today?

I want to know.

Drop me a message. Tell me your vision.

Talk to me about how you want to go bigger in your life. In your work, in your family, in your love life, in the journey of yourself.

Acting on this first step, right now, is the first step to claiming something more in your life.

The funny truth is this: you will always get what you deserve. And you get to decide what you deserve.

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