The words that point to a story.

I am here to share my natural gifts of self-discovery, innovative creation, and love for helping others. But it hasn’t always been this way. 

Growing up in a violent home, I always struggled with fear and self-confidence. I never knew what I brought to the table, and always let people walk all over me. I lacked self-worth, and did stupid things to gain acceptance of others.

I spent my 20’s in a constant stream of panic, overachieving at work, chasing the idea that trophies of success and women would give me the sense of self I searching for. They didn’t.

It all began to shift in my early 30s, as I began to meditate and reflect. It was a relief to find peace and quiet from my thoughts. The rest of my life could have been on fire, but somehow, this 20 minutes a day would neutralize me. 

I did the things you’re supposed to do. Get married, build a home, have a kid, work too much, succeed, succeed, succeed. I had it all. A beautiful family, a proud home, a reputation for being the guy to get shit done. 

But that lack of self persisted. I traded all my time and value to support a life I didn’t love. Even though I was making a great salary, our debt seemed to outpace it. So I worked harder, no longer present in my home or self.

My wake-up call started silently with hopelessness and disdain. It grew louder as my then-wife asked me to move out. I had been in a trance of self-pity, fighting her and everyone else for years. 

My home life wasn’t the problem. 

It was the lack of clarity and self-value in my life. I didn’t care enough about myself to make productive and meaningful decisions for myself. I had no boundaries. I had no passion.

The divorce was final 5 months later.

I decided to make a change.

This began my incredible journey of self. Writing, reading, exercising, eating well, forming healthy male friendships, indulging hobbies, and doing things for me. 

I learned the Superpower of Being Single, aka loving myself. I hired a coach. I walked away from work that was no longer serving the world.  I began to find who I am, and what I’m meant for. 

I am so grateful for this transformation. 

Borne out of poverty, violence, fear, shame and codependency, came a life so incredible, I couldn’t have imagined it. 

Yet it’s here, despite all the odds that seemed to mount up. And it’s something we are all capable of, no matter your history or situation.

My passion and responsibility is to share this gift with others. 

I know others who are in the same dark place I was. I understand the intense desire to create something, but not know how. I fully support those who intend to make the world better. And this is who I am.

These days, I live in a state somewhere between freedom, love and growth. It’s pure potential, and it grows with each moment. I spend my time serving others, designing products, riding bike, wandering the great West, and hanging out with the dopest homie there is, my son. 

My work life.

I’ve built products that process millions of dollars a month. I’ve managed marketing projects for billion dollar companies. I’ve built teams that go on to do things far greater than I could have ever imagined.

After all this, I can say...

It’s not the skill, money or rank that will lead you to success. It’s your heart.

It’s knowing firmly your purpose, as led by your desires. It’s dedicating yourself fully to that purpose. It’s walking away when purpose isn’t present, but not relenting when you can feel purpose near. It’s loving to work every day, because it doesn’t seem like work at all.

As a traditionally trained designer, I’ve always approached business challenges in a data-first, customer-focused perspective, with the willingness to be wrong as many times as it takes to get it right.

My relentless dedication for quality and experience led me though the ranks of corporate environments, agency life, and eventually running my own companies.

I coach the world's most influential entrepreneurs. I create products and courses that help people. I write and speak on purpose, business and mindfulness.

Who I am.

I fully express myself and my gifts in the greatest capacity possible. I help others do the same.

I exponentially grow the self-actualization, creativity and love of this world through my coaching, products, and things I say.

I value experience. The range, depth, culture, flavor, and medium all help us to connect with the world, develop insights, and fully become who we are.

I teach mindfulness in the simplest ways possible.

I help men heal and reduce domestic violence.

I give myself my best life possible.

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